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fuck-you-disclaimerDo not believe a single word on this site unless you can independently verify it yourself.

This website is strictly opinion oriented and can be thought of in the spirit of The Onion and The Babylon Bee in the unbelievable (kinda), satirical style. It is a ride through dark and cynical minds.

It is entertainment and not news. ASI is not responsible for the content of people’s minds.
ASI is either brilliant or completely insane, but not responsible.

In accordance with the new FCC new regulations for the web effective Dec. 1st 2009 on truthfulness of advertising and the broad regulatory blanket that has been imposed by the federal government in its unstoppable hunger to control the internet in every way:  America Speaks Ink reiterates the axiom that this entire site (in its totality) is entertainment and the spuriousness of every and all advertising, claims, results and anything that appears at all on this site is complete and total. In other words, you are not to believe a single word of anything on this site at all.

The fallacious concept of this site (in its entirety) is an illusion and you should have your head checked if you believe anything on the Internet at all. Unless you can independently verify yourself then consider this site and all its content spurious, fallacious, venal, cartoonish, juvenile, turgid, impassive, ignoble, epicene, Schaden Freud, inscrutable, friable, inchoate, Sang-Froid, frigorific, maudlin, roguish, Gadarene, hidebound, immoderate, edentulous or anything you want but something real or true in anyway. Now run that by the damn lawyers!

Now if that language is not strong enough for you then consider America Speaks Ink a horrible, cerebral and lexiconical acid trip that never happened and the experience of reading this site to be the product of derangement from sick and twisted minds. Of course, finally, there is that whole freedom of speech thing.

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