Ukraine’s Sky Filled With UFOs

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Ukraine has been reporting, recording, and documenting UFOs peppered all across their sky. You would think that this ongoing event that has not stopped would be front-page news. One would imagine that every broadcast would start with this axiom. Below the UFOs in the sky rages a war between Ukraine and Russia. Nuclear power plants are involved, and possibly nuclear weapons could be used, yet no hubbub about the UFOs that are flying around watching this war.

Where is the cacophony of curiosity? Why is there little interest in something as unexplained as this? The national security concerns alone should have President Biden addressing the nation. We need more than another episode of Ancient Aliens to address this. We need serious people to confront a very serious unexplained problem. We do not know what these things are or who they are. Here is a link to where Live Science Senior writer Brandon Specktor lays out what is going on over the skies of Ukraine.


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