Sweep Mar-a-Lago For Electronic Bugs

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If I was Trump I would sweep Mar-a-Lago for electronic bugs. There is no telling what the FBI left behind. Donald should check all of his wife’s clothes as well. There is no norm the FBI, Justice Department, and the Democrats won’t break to get Trump. All of the government has been weaponized by the Democrats. Half this nation will never believe in these institutions ever again. Too much has transpired and the benefit of the doubt is shattered.

Former Vice-President Mike Pence and former Attorney General Bill Barr are out of their minds as of late. Those two are out there complaining about people questioning the FBI and the DOJ. I don’t know where they have been, but after everything that has gone down, tens of millions of people do not trust these departments. I doubt if they ever will again. Calls for defunding the FBI are well founded and are grounded in a pernicious pattern of bad behavior. Mike and Bill want you to forget that.


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