PTSD: Medical Community Last To Drop Masks

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I guess the entire medical community is suffering from Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder because they are still wearing masks. Americans go everywhere and nobody is wearing masks except the folks suffering from COVID-19 PTSD. The medical community does not seem to be able to move forward post-pandemic. They can’t collectively settle in on the notion that this will be a yearly flu kind of thing requiring yearly vaccinations.  They still won’t stop wearing masks and they make us do it when we go to any doctor’s office or medical building.

The medical community should not be allowed to drag the rest of us into their psychosis. These so-called educated scaredy cats live in fear and they want to blanket us with it. Don’t they feel strange when they leave work and go to places where nobody is wearing masks? Then, they go back to their workplaces and mask up like they are going into surgery. I have real questions about their mental health.  Their behavior makes me think that these people should not be in charge of my health, they are bonkers.


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