NFL Makes Me Miss USFL

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After the kick-off last Thursday of the new NFL season, I started missing the USFL. The USFL was so refreshing with many new things. I am going to miss all the different camera angels like the helmet cam. I liked how you can go for a one, two, or three-point conversion in the USFL. It was super cool that we can listen to the referees and how they decide on a replay.  The microphones on the coaches were wonderful, there was a great insight in listening to them.

All the cool stuff about the USFL goes away when the NFL comes around. It is back to the stuffy old ways of the NFL and their antiquated rules. Just the sight of NFL Commissioner Rodger Goodell is enough to make one depressed. I will not hold my breath waiting for the NFL to catch up to the new ways of the 21st Century. I won’t hold out hope for that. I’ll just sit through the NFL season waiting for Spring football.


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