Navy Refuses To Release More UFOs

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It was just reported that the Navy will not release more stuff they have on UFOs. They are saying it is because of national security. Well, folks, do you think we should know why they are worried about that?  Kind of scary if you think about what the Navy is saying here. I’d like to put out into the world, an original thought about proving the existence of alien life on Earth through the study of the origins of language. A way to present this would be similar to the question, what came first the chicken or the egg? The question I put forth is what came first at the origination of written language? Was it fiction or nonfiction?

When human beings started to write things down and record stuff, did they start with fiction or nonfiction? The first recorded language from modern human beings came from the Sumerians. The writing was called Cuneiform and it was written on the walls of caves and stone tablets thousands of years ago. Now if humans were developing written language in the forms of pictures, even before the written word, which one would precede one another? Would fiction come first or would it be non-fiction?

Now common sense would tell us that fiction would come after non fiction. Creative writing would branch out after the writing itself was formulated. First humans would develop a way to tell a story about things going on in their lives at the moment. They would start with the foundation of the written form first. Only later would we take this form of written language and start to tell stories that were made up. It seems to me that fiction would be the natural progression that branched out from non fiction.

It would not make sense that when we first started to use this form of communication that we would start to write creative stories of fiction before we got the language down. That would have to be something that would come later. We would first use this new skill in a matter of fact way in the world of non fiction and then as this evolved, start to use written language to tell stories of fiction. Non fiction would have had to be first and then creative writing would come after.

Now with this is mind and with the invention of written language, what was the first thing that humans were telling us? Well, they described these “sky people” who came from the heavens and were mining minerals out of the Earth. The Sumerians told a story of these people who they thought were gods, whom came down in these ships from the sky. They drew pictures of what they and their flying machines looked like. They told a story of what they did with us and the Earth, when the sky people came down. So did, at the beginning of written language, the people who developed this skill tell us a story of what was happening to them at the time or would the first thing they do with this primitive skill be something like advanced language of fictional story telling?

If the first thing recorded by modern humans was some creative writing story of fiction, that would not make any sense whatsoever. Since the art of fictional writing and story telling had not been born yet from non fiction, the stories they were recording on those walls and stones were in fact like the news of the day. It was real and it was the first thing man wanted to communicate with this new skill. So because non fiction had to precede fiction and the first stories told are about these sky people, then is that not enough proof that aliens had in fact been a part of human life from the very beginning? At the origin of language, only the truth can be found.

Later, that skill was developed into something creative like fiction. The proof that is needed that aliens were and have been here lies at the origin of written language, where non fiction had to come before fiction. When you are a baby and you start to talk and begin using language, what do you say? You say “mama” before you develop the skill to tell a story about mama being a witch who flies around on a broom.

In the beginning of written language, the proof of alien life on Earth is there for all to see. Just like the spoken word, written language form has to start with non fiction. In the development of language, we had to start somewhere. Advanced fictional storytelling through the written form would have had to start with the basics. If I’m wrong, then fictional language writing would have come before the non fiction formation of written language and that is not probable.

One can not walk before they crawl. Fictional written storytelling can not come until the formation of the language is born out of non fiction. Now since we know that non fiction comes before fiction, we have found the answer. The very beginning of written language found in the birth place of non fiction, tells us the non fictional story about these sky people. We now call them aliens today. We must demand that the Navy release everything they got on this subject and not hide behind national security.


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