Going Out To Dinner Sucks Post-Pandemic

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It is shocking how screwed up restaurants are nowadays. The pandemic, the supply chain problems, and the lack of staffing have made going out to eat a terrible experience. I am disappointed over and over and over again when I go out to eat. It does not matter where I go, it is just not the same as pre-pandemic. The service is terrible, they don’t have half the menu items they once had, and shrinkflation shows up on our plates.

All of that and the prices are through the roof. We found it better to just have home-cooked meals. It is certainly cheaper to eat at home. We have fun looking for new recipes to try. It is a hoot cooking new stuff and the service is way better. I know a lot of restaurants did not survive the pandemic, I can think of many. However, the ones that did survive, don’t seem to realize that they really haven’t.


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