Death Circles Biden Administration

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The Biden administration brings with it nothing but death. Joe is the darkest president of my lifetime. He is this angry old man always yelling and wagging his finger while death surrounds him. The man and his policies bring death, they promote death. Afghans falling from the sky death. Illegal immigrants drop dead in the desert death. Feeding Ukraine endless weapons telling them they can beat the Russians death.

Think about all the death Joe Biden creates. COVID-19 coming through the southern border death. Ignoring the mass poisoning of America by Fentanyl death. Not standing up to the Cartel’s human trafficking death. Abortion on demand death. I can go on and on, these were just a few that came to mind right away. That is the portrait of Dark Brandon that comes to my mind. Joe Biden is the Grim Reaper, the man is death itself.


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