Compare Biden/Trump On Puerto Rico/Hurricanes

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Remember how the leftist media lost their minds blaming Trump for Hurricane Maria? It was wall-to-wall coverage of how President Trump hated Puerto Ricans and was racist. The Democrats on the island would call Trump out by name and blame him for everything. It was similar to the southern border when during Trump they were going nuts screaming about babies in cages. Crickets now from the enemy of the people, the media, on the southern border with Biden in charge.

Fast Forward to today, and Hurricane Fiona just wiped out the island once again, not a peep out of the media right now. The media is so shameful. The entire island has no power once again, and not a word was spoken across the lips of Joe Biden for the longest time. Joe finally came around to declaring it an emergency. Biden is failing Puerto Rico in regard to Hurricane Fiona. The least Biden could do is to go to the island and throw paper towels at them.

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