American Troops Told To Go On Food Stamps

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While we send endless money to Ukraine to fight our proxy war with Russia our troops are told how to get food stamps. When I heard that I thought if that is true America has lost its way. I see all our problems in America and watch endless funds pumped into Ukraine. Why do we allow this kind of thing? Why do we not adhere to Eisenhower’s Farwell Address? Dwight warned us about an out-of-control military-industrial complex, yet we ignore it.

Our government will allow tent cities everywhere and will do nothing about the housing crisis raging in this nation. However, they will pump all of our tax dollars into endless wars. No wonder why the establishment fears Donald Trump and his America First policies.  Trump was the only president in my lifetime to just start to push back upon these kinds of things. Donald gave the troops a raise, but if they need Food Stamps then it was not big enough.

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