Ukraine Is Not America’s Problem

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As our idiot leaders will potentially spark another world war with Russia, somebody has to call out what is going on. Ukraine has become this bottomless pit where our tax money goes to die. There is no accounting for where all of this money has gone and our leaders will not stop feeding this beast. Congress screams that spending any of our tax money on America sparks inflation, they have no problem pumping endless dollars into a proxy war with Russia.

This war in Ukraine is another example of America sticking our nose into other people’s business and problems. Our flawed leaders care more about the border of Ukraine than our own southern border. Getting involved in Russia’s beef with Ukraine is a very dangerous game. There are Americans that are hell-bent on starting a world war. Notice it is the same usual suspects that play this game.

My heart goes out to Ukraine, but this is not America’s problem, this is a European thing. Yet somehow we are paying for the vast majority of Ukraine’s defense. America First somehow morphed into Ukraine first. Ukraine cannot beat Russia in this war and no amount of American taxpayer money is going to change that. We can’t police the world and we should not try. We have to take care of our own nation.

Our leaders are selling out our own country and we are not Russian tools to point this out. Anyone who questions any of this will be tagged with that label and others like it. This proxy war with Russia will be another one of America’s failed wars. It is unwinnable, yet these political scamps keep pumping money into it. We have so many problems here in America; to fund this proxy war is an affront to our very survival. Baby Boomers are destroying every square mile of America and our freedom.

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