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The NFL has steadily picked all the meat off the bones of the USFL. The NFL has taken all of the good players who played for the USFL. They have turned the USFL into something like Triple-A Baseball. It is a farm league now that feeds the NFL. I was under the impression that the players had to at least play for the USFL for two years before they can make it to the NFL. Well, I was wrong about that, and can’t remember where I heard that from.

How can one be a fan of the USFL when once you have a good team the NFL will rape your best players from the team you are pulling for? It would be a waste of time to follow something like that.  When the XFL starts they need to consider something like this. If your team is steadily losing all of its best players only to possibly get hurt over in the NFL, what is the use of being a fan? I am sad about this because I followed the USFL in the 1980s and followed it again this time around.


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