Kevin Costner Craps On Face Of Yellowstone Fans

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Greg Gutfeld once said, don’t crap on my face and tell me it is a mudslide, or something like that. It was a take on, do not piss down my leg and tell me it is raining. I like Greg’s version better. That is pretty much how I felt when Kevin Costner rained down his Hollywood values upon the fans of his television series Yellowstone. It is so hard dealing with these Hollywood people and other artists and music types.

I mean you want to admire their artistry and enjoy their art form, but then they open their mouths. They open their pie-holes and reveal that they can’t stand the very people that made them rich and famous in the first place. These artists shit all over half the nation and make us hate them and de facto their art. This kind of dichotomy has been going on for years, but now it is just so unbearable.

Who the hell does Kevin think made Yellowstone such a popular show? You would think by now the man would know how to read a room. It is not like limousine liberals are watching Yellowstone. No, it was America-First types that have made this show what it is and has supported all of the spinoffs. It is Republicans that make Yellowstone what it is.

Now Kevin knows that the Republican Party is in the process of throwing out Liz Cheney. Everyone knows that the America-First movement is at political war with the establishment. The movement is trying to take back this country from all the failed policies that have left America a declining nation. Liz Cheney and her family are the very ones that over seventy-million people are voting against. Yet, Kevin puts on a t-shirt telling all of the fans that make his show what it is today, that he is with the establishment. Liz is the left’s latest useful idiot to be discarded as soon as they are done with her.

Apparently, Kevin never heard of the lesson that Michael Jordan taught anyone selling a product. MJ said, Republicans buy sneakers, too. Simple and to the point, but Jordan understood not to crap on the face of your customers. Costner clearly did not apperceive this life lesson. Kevin is self-unaware of how many fans he just lost or the damage he did to a series that employs so many people. I feel so foolish; I told so many people to watch this show. Costner is just another Hollywood prick totally disconnected from a large portion of this nation. I just canceled Paramount Plus.

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