America Will Have To Wait For Ron DeSantis

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Floridians do not want Ron DeSantis to run for president in 2024. America is just going to have to wait for his great leadership. You see we in Florida want Ron for the full eight years as governor. Just like other great presidents that were once governors, Ron needs to have on his resume two full terms. DeSantis has been the best governor of my life as a Floridian. I am greedy, and I am not ready to share this man with the rest of the nation just yet.

I know America needs his leadership, but Florida does as well. Ron needs a full two terms to cement Florida First policies that cannot be undone easily. I fear that Trump will run again and ask him to be the vice president and he takes it. That would be a huge mistake, Trump can ruin his political future, just look what he did to Mike Pence. Trump can not be trusted and the bottom line is Ron DeSantis is nobody’s number two.

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