Trump Grows Strong While Media Ignores

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The media ignores Former President Donald Trump at their peril. I am watching this man grow strong again. I believe that we need to turn to a new generation of leaders in all our government. I am tired of these Baby Boomers and feel it is time for Generation X to step up. I will never change my mind about that desire. I watched Trump’s rally in Anchorage, Alaska. I can tell you, as the author of “Polyseismic – The Rise of Donald Trump in the 2016 Presidential Election Cycle“, Trump is growing strong again.

The left think they can deplatform Donald and ignore him on their leftist news channels and he’ll go away, but that is at their peril also. Not covering what he said in Alaska over the weekend won’t make what is happening go away. Donald is hitting all the right notes once again; his crowds are amazing. Trump’s delivery is spot on with his message and he is catching on just like he did before. His Trump airplane has been retrofitted, updated, and has a brand-new paint job. Soon that plane will be in the skies and he’ll be going state to state to take down the administrative state.

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