The Truth About Climate Change Nuts

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Would you rather have lived in the 1930s when we had one-quarter of the population of the planet, but 28 times more weather disasters and climate disasters? That is all you have to ask these climate nutballs. These people have created a religion around the climate based on so much misinformation it boggles the mind. Al Gore and John Kerry are the leaders of the modern-day Millerites. It is always the end of the world with these nuts, it is climate change Millerism that they spread. If you tell them not a single weather event in our life has not happened before, not one, their heads explode. This cult that I speak of juxtaposes pollution with climate and creates some new form of evident truth that does not exist in observable reality. You want to know why everything costs so much, well, these nuts are in charge. Stop voting for them and watch the prices of everything fall.

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