Republicans Step On Their Cranks With Gay Marriage

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Just when Republicans start to get a clear shot at getting control of congress again they snatch defeat in the hands of victory. They want to remind everyone, why giving control to these idiots has a price. Prominent  Republicans such as Ted Cruz are going around talking about revisiting gay marriage in America after the high court brought down Roe vs. Wade.

Nobody and I mean nobody in my life is walking around wanting to ban gay marriage. No one and I means no one is talking about nullifying millions of marriages. People are just not talking about this or wanting this and if the right-wing doesn’t concentrate on the economy they have stepped on their cranks.

Everyone realized that gay people getting married did not end the world. Folks realized gay marriage did not change anything in our lives. If these morons go down this road we will be stuck with an out-of-control leftist congress. If the Democrat Party is not wiped out at the ballot box this November then it will be the Republicans to blame.

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