Of Course Joe Manchin Sold Out West Virginia

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Yes, Joe Manchin lied. Yes, Joe Manchin sold out the people of West Virginia. Of course, this man did all of this, have you not paid attention? Joe is and always has been a snake oil salesman. It has been sad watching the people of West Virginia fall under his spell. You have been screwed by two guys named Joe.

In the middle of the MAGA era, the most MAGA state kept voting for a Democrat. Now the two Joes will help attack more working-class people with many more IRS agents and a whole lot of other bad stuff. It is very important to read what Manchin is signing on for in the middle of a recession with Biden.

You might find yourself in shock, but not me. Joe Manchin lives on an expensive yacht in the poorest state in the country, did you think he was going to vote for you? The other Joe, Joe Biden,  lives in his house on the beach.  In the end, Joe Manchin will always vote with the crazies, it is his nature as a snake oil salesman.

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