Liz Cheney Blew Up Her Career

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I think Liz Cheney thinks she is going to pick the next president all on her own. Watching this woman blow up her entire political career in front of everyone while her father is still alive has been noteworthy.

Watching Liz destroy any hope of being in politics in a meaningful way was been schadenfreude for me. Liz was a neocon and comes from neocon loins. This family brought us endless wars and so much death and blood. They called her father Darth Vader and he earned that nickname.

I find it amazing to witness the comorbidity that accompanies Trump Derangement Syndrome. The syndrome brings out two or more mental conditions. There does not seem to be a vaccine for this vexation. However, if someone comes up with one Liz Cheney needs to be in the front of the line to receive it.

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