Dr. Fauci & Dr. Birx Won’t Go Away

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For whatever reason, the two most hated doctors have resurfaced all over our television sets once again. I guess the WHO (World Health Organization) coming out declaring monkeypox a global emergency has sparked the two doctors’ love for TV time. Neither one of these hacks has ever found a camera they did not love. These two doctors are some of the most self-unaware folks I have ever seen. Both of these people are clueless about how many people downright hate them.

Anthony and Deborah are blind to the fact that they are two people that are most responsible for the nation’s mistrust of public health and public health officials. Americans in large will never trust any of them again, whether it be the CDC or the FDA all because of those two doctors. These two doctors are the poster children for what is referred to as the “Deep State” or the administrative state. Fauci and Birx are why people hate government and they will not go away, typical Baby Boomers.

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