Will Trump Put America First And Step Down

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 There are two paths that former President Trump can take. One path is he refuses to step down from the America First Movement he created. He runs again in 2024, and he loses again. He loses because, like Hillary Clinton, Trump Derangement Syndrome will spark all the crazies to come out and vote against him. Trump became president because the Democrats ran the most hated woman in America. Donald Trump is now the most hated man in America.

Everyone loves the policies of America First, but they can’t take Trump’s refusal to act properly. Donald embarrasses people with his behavior and that is the rub. Folks who wear MAGA red hats love the man, they worship him, but the America First people who will not wear a red hat are what is needed to make Trump president again. People want America First but they do not want Trump again, there is simply too much baggage there. That is coming from me, the author of Polyseismic – The Rise of Donald Trump in the 2016 Presidential Election Cycle.


Trump is stuck in the past constantly bringing up his 2020 loss to Biden. However, people are looking toward the future and Trump never even had an agenda when he ran for his second term. Trump still has no agenda except an ocean of grievances, that does not inspire people. There are not enough red hats in this country that can get Trump 270 electoral votes again.

The second path Donald Trump can take is to pass the America First torch to the next generation. With this path, the movement Donald created moves into the future and survives long after Trump has left the planet. Trump is too old. We do not need another Baby Boomer president. We do however need America First to age over time and save this nation from leftist idiocy and destruction.

Trump can be a kingmaker and a founding father of a movement that saves America from itself. The obvious person to take the mantle is Ron DeSantis. Ron is the future of America First without the baggage of Trump. Now I will be shocked if Donald Trump takes the second path I have written here. An egotistical narcissistic billionaire is unlikely to be self-aware. All of that and a chip on his shoulder make it almost impossible for Trump to step down. Sadly, Donald’s legacy will be bringing us eight years of democratic rule in the White House.




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