Truth Social Seems Awful

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I had high hopes for Truth Social to replace Twitter, but I must admit it is dreadful. I gave it a chance, and in my opinion, I find it buggy, and uninspiring, and it does not hold the jockstrap of Twitter. I hate Twitter’s bias and the people who run it are leftist nuts. However, as an app, Twitter works way better than Truth Social. I hope Elon Musk makes Twitter better because Truth Social is underwhelming.

Can you believe that Truth Social still does not work on Android phones? I hate Apple products and would never own an iPhone, so Truth Social is missing out on tens of millions of people like me. My experience on Truth Social sucked. I did not like it, Parlor was better. Former President Donald Trump is making a big mistake not going back to Twitter. Trump would be able to reach tens of millions of more people on Twitter.

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