Stop Saying Fentanyl Overdose Say Poisoning

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Our media and leaders kept referring to this mass poisoning as overdoes. Nothing could be further from the truth. What we have here is a systematic mass poisoning by the communists. China is purposely sending in this deadly drug through our southern border with the help of the Mexican Cartels.

Biden and the Democrats by opening our southern border and letting anyone and anything come across the border have a function in America’s mass poisoning. Collectively, through the left’s deadly policies, they are partly to blame. Until our president confronts China head-on with their war-like actions, more people will die.

Over one hundred thousand people have been poisoned in the last year alone. China is targeting our young people. Fentanyl deaths are now the number one killer for people between eighteen years of age to thirty-five. Nobody in our government is doing much about this at all. Our government has not put a stop to this by confronting China.

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