Showtime The First Lady Epiphany

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I have been watching the Showtime series The First Lady and it got me thinking. Besides the fact that casting Viola Davis as Michelle Obama was the worst casting in the history of cinematography, I had some other thoughts. Showtime picked three First ladies to cover and of course, they would cover the Obamas. The leftists could not pass on cover the first black President and first black First Lady. Our first black President, where have I heard that before? If I remember correctly, I first heard this term from the mainstream press while Bill Clinton was President. There has been thought out there if I remember correctly that touches on this. Some people had been pontificating on all the different reasons why the press was under some spell over the history of this subject.

The unbelievable slant the press took on their coverage of Barack Obama, had people sit back and publicly ask, why at the time? One of the theories put out there in the arena of ideas goes like this. The press so badly wanted to be part of history themselves, that they did some “self-fulfilled prophecy” thing by wanting to be there when it happens. Wanting it so bad, that they did everything they could to make it happen. To make history and be a part of history. I thought about that a little when I heard it. I thought that concept sounds grounded and possible. Then I realized that this yearning for the first black President goes back even before Barack Obama made it on the national scene.

The press wanted this so bad back when Clinton was President. They put him on the cover of a major American Magazine with the title “The First Black President.” This thought was pushed so hard many years ago, that it became common speech and accepted when we thought of Bill Clinton. He even picked it up and ran with it and wore it as a badge of honor. Now fast forward some years and here pops up a man half white and half black, about whom Joe Biden, said “Finally we have a black guy who is clean and articulate” and the press ran with it. Now they had their first black president. The fact that he came out of a white woman’s vagina from Kansas that was as lily-white as the undriven snow was only some mental obstacle they would have to overcome and have the country overcome as well.

Barack’s skin color favored by his Kenyan father could make this easier for them to finally be a part of history. We can almost ignore the white woman thing. We could overshadow the fact that he is half white by pushing the first black President mantra. So instead of saying this is the first mulatto president, or this is the first mixed President, or the first President that was half black, they gave the world the first black President.

So, what do they say to the man or woman who will be president sometime in the future who came from a black mother and father? Will he be the second black president? Will that be fair to him or her or even the future historians? Ask yourself this. If Obama came from a black mother and a white father and his skin was white, would they call him the first black President? Political correctness aside, the first black president has not yet arrived in the hallways of American history.

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