Merrick Garland Fails The Supreme Court

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Merrick Garland is the most partisan Attorney General since Eric Holder. It is stunning watching Merrick operate as the arm of the Democrat Party. With every move he makes Garland highlights the axiom that there are two justice systems in America, one for Democrats and one for Republicans.

After the Russia, Russia, Russia attempted coup Americans do not trust any institutions in American society. This distrust of our government is well earned. Somehow the left got control of all of government, the press, academia, and even tech platforms. The Democrats wield power like a petulant child crushing everything in its wake.

The latest example is Merrick Garland’s refusal to uphold the law and arrest the people in front of the houses of the right-wing Supreme Court Justices. Just think about that. Garland was once nominated for the high court, and he sits back and allows this danger. Even after the attempted murder of Justice Brett Kavanaugh, Merrick won’t step in and apply the law.

The thought that Garland could have been on the high court is chilling. Eric Holder said out loud, and believed, that his role as Attorney General was to be Barack Obama’s “wing-man” and when people heard that, they flipped out. Every time the right gets the power back, they will not give back the same medicine and run over the left.

The Republicans take the high road trying to show how this is supposed to be. The right wants to teach the left lessons in properly run government and the left never learns. It is an unending cycle that is hard to stomach. Then, they, the right, get another “wing-man” from the left, and this time his name is Merrick Garland. When will the right learn?

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