MAGA Takes On Bipartisanship

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Repeatedly each day, all we hear is the word bipartisan like it has some magical meaning. Whatever the origin of that term was, it’s been bastardized and has morphed into some changeable idea of its own. Depending on the person using that term, the meaning of this word has a fluid nature to it, tailor-fit for the individual who is using it. Even today Democrats and Republicans have different thoughts on what it means. MAGA was the first movement to take this on.

I’d like to put forth the concept that bipartisanship is a virus eating away at the pragmatic direction our government should be taking. That the concept itself is inherently destructive to the future of America in the twenty-first century. If freedom relies on America and the forces of individualism and free markets, how could one be bipartisan to a socialist ideology in which government has a bigger part to play in people’s lives?

Today’s politicians lack the backbone to stand on principle and fight these pernicious trends toward bigger government. It’s one thing to be bipartisan and fight out varying ideas in a capitalist society and meet somewhere in the middle of an ocean of compromise. It’s another matter altogether to be bipartisan on socialist ideas and policies. It is here that bipartisanship takes on the characteristics of a virus.

Only partisanship itself in its most abrasive and unforgiving form could defend against a juggernaut of evil and self-destructive forces such as socialism. Bipartisanship simply does not apply in this situation. What is needed here is a fight. A battle waged on an ideological scale equivalent to the civil war. Not a human bloodshed type of war, but a war of ideas and principles fought to the death for the survival of our union. It is our survival as a free nation that we are facing, no less important than the civil war.

Now detractors and critics will tell you that the freedom of capitalism has failed and that this is proven because when conservatives and Republicans had their way, it failed. That free markets got us into this mess and that their vindication for the bigger government has been realized because of this failure. That when the chips were down, a free-market president like George Bush, ran to socialism and bigger government solutions during the economic crash of 2008.

This reaction from the former president shows that freedom doesn’t work and that a more intrusive governmental style is truly the answer. This is their argument. So where has been the counterargument from the Republican Party? Well, the Republican leaders have been too busy frolicking in the den of inequity of capitulation. Not one among them has countered a thoughtful retort to this dudgeon before America First policies under former President Trump.

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