Jan. 6th Hearing: Not With A Bang But A Whimper

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 T.S. Eliot told us in his 1925 poem “The Hollow Men” the famous phrase “Not with a bang but a whimper” and I could not think of a better set of words to describe the June 9th hearing about former President Donald Trump and the events surrounding 1/6 and the so-called insurrection. I did not want to watch this anathema, but I had to see what the left was up to in their depravity and disorder.

Watching that was so horrible. It was as if we were all watching Amber Heard choose the jury, the judge, and the witnesses, and control every second of the narrative. It was like seeing that Johnny Depp was not ever able to make a response or present his side. Watching Liz Cheney and all her new Democrat friends made me realize that Trump Derangement Syndrome is way deeper than I ever apperceived, it is so deep, it is incurable.

I have so many opinions on what I saw tonight but I think I should keep them to myself. That is what these crazy nuts on the left and the Never-Trumpers want us to do, they want us to talk about this nonsense. I just can’t do it. I feel dirty just engaging in this. I feel like I would be part of some ocean of ignorance lying flat on a surfboard just trying to paddle my way back to the shore of common sense.

This is not worth our time, let us move forward and feed our babies with baby formula. Let us move forward and close the border and end the mass poisoning of our young people by Fentanyl. Can we please just restart American oil production and put down this inflation that is crushing this nation? Can we take back our children’s education? Can we stop sending billions and billions of dollars to Ukraine for a proxy war with Russia and feed our infants and rebuild America? Can we once and for all defeat the Democrat Party and their pernicious yolk?

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