Fox News Legitimizes Jan. 6 Sham Hearing

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 Since the death of Rodger Ailes Fox News has gone to shit. The network has never been the same again. From their ban on speaking about the 2000 Mules documentary to their shameful coverage of the 2020 presidential election, and now their promotion of Pelosi’s sham Jan. 6th hearing, Fox has lost its way.

Fox News is legitimizing this Democrat scam of a hearing by lowering the paywall on their streaming service so more people can see this factual holocaust of propaganda. Fox has no shame when they take over their prime-time hours and go live with this debacle on their business channel and then back to their main network after the hearing.

This 1/6 hearing is no different than the fake impeachments of President Trump and the Russia, Russia, Russia hoax, yet Fox promotes it anyway. There is no wondering why Newsmax keeps growing. If they ever get someone over there who knows how to program and hire talent Newsmax will take over one day. Fox News is the mainstream media now and shame on them!

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