Democrat Party: The Death Cult

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The Democrat party has become a death cult. Not for nothing, but the way they cheer on killing babies, and the right to murder their child, is nothing less than a death cult. It is quite disturbing to watch them pass down to their cultists the love for abortion. The sheeple fall in line and absorb all of the death cult ideology.

When you think about it the Democrat Party does not just end with abortion when it comes to death. Think about all of the death that surrounds Democrats and their policies. The southern border in the hands of Democrats births death like rabbits birth their offspring. Just think about all the people that have died under Biden crossing the border.

The death cult killed over a hundred thousand young people with their southern border madness. Fentanyl is now the number one killer of people from 18-45 years of age. This is happening because the Democrats will not close the southern border and defend our nation from an ongoing invasion.

The Democrat Party is a death cult, the death they rain down by making Ukraine believe that they can beat Russia in a war is a blood-soaked Neo-Con wet dream. Democrats bring death, death, death, and more death. The party is a cult that celebrates death in so many ways it makes one’s head spin.

Assisted suicided, abortion, and they kill life on both ends. Democrats have you coming and going it is a cradle to crave death-palooza.  Now, leftist woke corporations will pay their employees four-thousand dollars to pay for their  abortion so their workers get back to the work force. It is a cult, these people are cultists, and there is no other way to look at it.

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