Biden Not Presidential Material

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 I can’t help myself with this thought. I mean I feel strongly about this. Joe Biden is simply not very presidential. I’ve been watching him all this time wearing the presidency like a suit, but all I see is a guy who should be wearing a jogging suit or an old man walking around in his underwear. His style has devalued the office itself. Watching him, he seems more like some lost old man wandering around. It’s more of a feeling of the guy is not presidential at all. When he walks into a room it’s almost anonymous.

He just doesn’t carry any stature at all. He kind of embarrasses me. I am ashamed that he is our president. The way he carries himself reminds me of the story about how the “Hail to the Chief” song came about. Julia Tyler the wife of our tenth President John Tyler watched from a distance how when her husband would walk into a room, he would go unnoticed. She came out with the idea of the song to bring attention to the fact that the president had walked into a room. 

It was first played on March 4th, 1845, for President James K. Polk. President Biden has the privilege of that song, but I feel no connection to the fact that he is our president. When Obama came to the White House this axiom was highlighted. Biden was invisible when Obama was in the room. I like the fact that the office of the presidency carries real strength and gravitas. However, our president in the White house feels much more like a visit to a geriatric facility and it is sad.


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