Biden is Doing Terrible As President

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Let us get beyond the fact that a big portion of our population just says Biden is doing a horrible job. Let us put aside for a moment this phenomenon of a senile old man that has found his way to 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. Let us just concentrate on the numbers. Let us embrace mathematics and listen to that whisper we can hear in the dark corners of our minds. That voice is telling us we are going to go broke.

Our old declining president tells us over and over not to believe our lying eyes and that the economy is doing good. He tells us that to fix this problem, he is going to triple this monetary problem. That his answer is to borrow unthinkable amounts of more money and put us in greater debt. Yes, his ideas will fuel inflation, but the Biden family is not touched by that blunt-force trauma.

When I say unthinkable amounts of money that he wants to flood the economy with, I mean these kinds of numbers cannot be understood by 99 percent of America. Most minds could never possibly understand how big a trillion is. You can’t even punch that number in a calculator. It’s twelve damn zeros, twelve!

Hell, just a billion is almost unfathomable. To put a billion in terms everyone could relate to, I want you to think of time. One million seconds is 100 days. One billion seconds is 270 years. A billion is huge! A trillion is a madness. He is looking at multiple trillions for some crazy green/socialist agenda.

The whole thing is insane. Shear mathematics will tell you that with the aging nefarious Baby Boomers; that there will not be enough workers to support all of this, let alone all this debt. There are twelve million jobs unfilled today.

We cannot pay this back, but Biden does not care, he’ll be long gone from the Earth when the bill comes calling. We can’t pay what we owe now, and anyone who tells you we can pay all this money back is a liar or a fool. We can’t do it; we are in big trouble.

So, what does that mean? It means this whole thing will collapse. That we will go bankrupt. It means we are destroying America itself. This president along with his predecessors is bankrupting us. America First needs to stop Biden and the Democrats, and it starts in the midterms of 2022. Let’s Go Brandon!

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