America First Should Be A Third Party

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It is time for you to thunder down your grandiloquent omniscience and make it arduous to apperceive the axiomatic reality of your common sense. To reach deep down. Shed your lefty/righty bent and see the real world for what it is. The two-party system failed this country. It has become monolithic in its application and is killing us all.

We need more choices. Each party is too scared to break into pieces because it would mean at least 3 cycles of losing before the other party would break into pieces. We need lots of choices to fit the different groups that we are. The blanket the two parties throw upon us: in no way fits us or makes us warm. We’re left with a compromise. With giving up such a big part of who we are, just to fit under one tent or another. They are all lying to us, and they are not our friends.

The time has come. When a politician says publicly like Joe Biden just said that it is patriotic to pay more taxes and has no understanding of the Boston Tea Party and how we came to be. It is time for more choice. When that same party says it only wants to tax people who make 250,000 dollars and completely ignores the fact that two-thirds of those people are small business owners.
To have no understanding of how harmful that would be to the economic security of this nation. Well, it’s time for more choice.

When the other party one day tells you they are against the biggest corporate bailout in the history of Planet Earth in 2008 and the next day tells you, I don’t like it, but it has to be done. It is time for more choice. When one party claims that we must protect our borders but does everything but put-up Taco Stand on the border, while they ignore all the hospitals that have collapsed under the strain of providing free medical care for the world. We need more choices.

I’ll end with this: Shakespeare said, “Life is a tale told by an idiot, full of sound and fury, signifying nothing.” Or nothing signifies sound and fury, and an idiot was told to vote Republican or Democrat. It is time MAGA becomes the America First Party so we can get away from these horrible RINOs that are mucking up the works.

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