The Liberal Hivemind

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Elon Musk is better at branding than even Donald Trump. The man is just so witty. When Musk took to Twitter and said that Trump’s new social media company called Truth Social was a bad name, I laughed. Elon said Trump should have named it Trumpet, and I could not agree more. Musk’s latest branding was spot on, he called liberals the lib hivemind. I just love that branding, that fits like a glove.

It always blew my mind how mindless the left is. It was bizarre to me to see them say and believe the same things. Every day they speak in unison and repeat the same exact words and phases. Rush Limbaugh used to point that out for years before he passed. Now that I think of it, Rush was a great brander too, never forget “femi-nazi” and how Webster had to add that word to the dictionary. In fact, Rush had many words added to our lexicon.

Elon Musk however can stand toe to toe with Rush and Donald when it comes to that kind of wit. This latest one “hivemind” really landed with me. It is a perfect way to describe how the left is just automatons just keeping their hive running. They are the collective who has created a bubble that is so entirely disconnected to observable reality. The left lives in that bubble unable to experience anything outside of it.

The liberal hivemind has brought us such ideas as defund the police, open borders, birthing people, and so much more. The hivemind have declared war and attacked the fossil fuel industry and now we have crushing inflation. The hivemind has attacked free speech, our founding fathers, and the Constitution itself. There is no lengths that the left won’t go to as to protect their hive. The hivemind is ruthless, unrelenting, and dedicated to the hive above all else.

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