Rambo: Last Blood Movie Review

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If you have been following me over the decades, you know that I love writing movie reviews years after the movie was launched. It takes me many years to get around to seeing a movie. The reason for that is I do not watch a lot of movies anymore because they suck. Movie making has been turned into a theme park and I am not into superheroes or cartoons. Hollywood rarely makes a real movie anymore that is worth my time. The last decent movie was Black Mass with Johnny Depp. Since the recent trial revealed that Depp was stoned on drugs for the filming of Black Mass, I just had to rewatch it again knowing that factoid. After seeing it again I think Johnny needs to be stoned for every movie moving forward, he was brilliant.

I never go to the movie theater, that experience is horrible, and watching movies at home is way better. I can pause a movie and go to the restroom. I thought that after the pandemic we would just release every movie to stream alongside the option to see it on the big screen. I have noticed Hollywood is turning away from that model and going back to gathering the public together in a theater and spreading lice. I was sad to see that happen. I can’t stand Hollywood anymore. I hate almost all the actors because of their political, in-your-face, tendencies. Those folks make me sick physically and it is too hard for me to separate what horrible human beings they are from the character they are playing. When you realize they are among the ignorami it just ruins the movie.

Getting back to my review of Rambo: Last Blood, that movie was horrible. Being a huge fan of Sylvester Stallone I was stunned that he went along with this insane version of Rambo. Nothing, and I mean nothing was related to Rambo in any way. They took this wonderful character Rambo and turned him into a cartoon in a cartoon graveyard. It literally was like a 1980s hacker film. It was kin to horror film characters like Jason and Freddy Krueger. That is right, Rambo is now Michael Myers. Stallone should retire Rambo and go see a Catholic Priest for forgiveness, shame on him. I’ll forgive him because he touched my heart so much with Rocky and all those films. I heard he walked away from Creed 3 and is going to do a prequel of Rocky. Now that is something that I could look forward to, Rocky as a kid. As far as Rambo, he is dead to me now.

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