Mistake: Expanding NATO

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Every time America expands NATO, we are dragged into other countries’ local problems. The more NATO has expanded the greater chance of another world war. Why does America care more about the other side of the world than it does our very own hemisphere? The Americas have so many problems, why are we spending so much blood and treasure halfway around the world?

Failed NARCO states, gut-wrenching poverty, and out of control mass migration are just a few problems we have in North, South, and Central America. Yet somehow, we care about everything in the world but our own problems. All you must do is look at our southern border and you can see our leaders are failing us. We send tons of money to Ukraine and many other foreign countries on the other side of the world. Simultaneously, we allow our hemisphere to fall into decay.

NATO is a 20th-century dinosaur that benefits Europe way more than America. For decades they have taken advantage of America. NATO would never pay their fair share for their defense. Many American Presidents have begged these countries to pay what they agreed to pay. Trump highlighted this more than any other president and they still would not ante up. It is time for America to build a new alliance with Asia and others that reflects the problems of the 21st century.

The constant expansion of NATO just puts America behind the eight ball when it comes to dominating the current century. China loves to just sit back and watch us get bogged down in Europe’s problems while they race ahead of us in almost every single category. It is time we put the Americas first and concentrate on our problems. There is much to do in this regard. We need leaders who apperceive this. If our leaders cannot understand this, they must be replaced.

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