Day 4: Amber Heard Testifies

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Day four of Amber sitting on the stand was the most devastating day yet. Ms. Heard was taken apart and exposed for what a liar she is. Methodically, Johnny Depp’s team ripped apart one claim after the other that Amber has made. I wonder during the breaks does Amber’s team tell her the truth about how this testimony looks.

Amber’s strategy of asking the jury not to believe their lying eyes were insane and foolish. Somehow Amber thinks that every single person that testified who contradicted her is a liar would work. Amber Heard is not very smart and I can’t imagine anyone dating this broad moving forward. Who would want to be with someone who runs around recording you in all sorts of ways behind your back?

My favorite part of Amber’s testimony was the knife. When they pulled out that knife and asked Amber whether this was a gift she gave Johnny, I fell off my seat laughing. Johnny’s lawyer was like so the guy who keeps beating you this is the gift you give to your abuser, a knife. I was cracking up. The officer pulls out this huge knife and shows the jury and I’m thinking, that is it, this is over for Amber Heard. It stretches the imagination to believe any word out of that woman’s mouth.

The lawyers never know when to stop. Putting on that hanger-on after Amber was done testifying was a waste of time. We do not need to hear any more from anybody. It is time for closing arguments and time to send this to the jury. Everyone has seen enough to have their opinion cemented by now. At this point, there are no changing minds. Time for the lawyers to wrap this up. It is time for justice for Johnny Depp.

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