Day 3: Amber Heard Testifies

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On day three of Amber Heard being on the stand we got to hear more obvious lies, and more crying without any tears, but then we got to hear the first start of the cross from Johnny’s team. We have barely touched the surface of the dismantling of Amber’s testimony, and we can see Ms. Heard is getting torn apart already. Amber claims her nose was broken, she had two black eyes, a split lip, a bruise on her chin, and a bruise on her temple.

Johnny’s lawyer then pulls out a picture of Amber the next day showing nothing of the sort. Amber was just fine but claimed that makeup covered up all those injuries that I just listed. Amber must think the world is stupid or something, but she clung to that obvious lie. There is no makeup in the entire world that only hours after an attack like she describes can hide all of that. The woman is a provable liar now.

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