Day 2: Amber Heard Testifies

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Amber Heard’s second day on the stand was flat-out insane. If true, and I emphasize if, Johnny Depp is a maniac and Amber Heard is nuts. The problem is somehow I believe some of, if not most of this, but simultaneously not believing a single word that comes out of Amber’s mouth. All those histrionics from Heard and not a single tear. I thought those actors are trained to make themselves cry at the drop of a dime. Amber’s performance lacked not only tears but any sense of authenticity.

Another problem Amber Heard has is the fact that she is so unlikeable. In fact, she is one of the most unlikeable chicks I have ever seen. I do not know what Depp was thinking about marrying such a person. Even while she explains how Johnny raped her with a square bottle of alcohol, not only did I not believe that part, but I felt no sympathy for the moll whatsoever. I mean she is really that unlikeable.

I can’t wait until Johnny’s team cross-examines Amber and impeaches her left and right. We must wait ten days before the court reconvenes due to some obligation the judge has. So, for ten days, we are left with the theatrics of one Amber Heard. It gives you some time to stew over everything that came out of that woman’s mouth. It also gives you time to ponder whether Johnny Depp was on cocaine in court. We can also muse about what is actually in that cup Johnny Depp drinks out of. Johnny going to the same high school as I did, there were some serious drinkers in our town.


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