Day 1: Amber Heard Testifies

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I do not think we are ever going to get this close of a look behind the curtains of Hollywood than this trial. This is a once and a lifetime thing. How on Earth Johnny Depp thought it was a good idea to reveal to the world his so-called “monster” is well beyond my understanding. I don’t see how this benefits him in any kind of way.

My friends, even my own wife does not believe a single word Amber Heard says. None of them can get past their collective hatred for this woman or their love for Depp. The problem with that is they are missing the forest between the trees. Much of what Amber testified to has already been verified by other people that have already taken the stand.

It is my opinion that Johnny Depp hit Amber Heard and that Amber Heard hit Johnny Depp. I think that this was one hell of a toxic relationship, and they were both off their rockers. I think Depp’s drug abuse rose to epic heights and even legend. I believe in the “nice” Johnny, and I believe in the “monster”, but I do not see how he wins this trial. Let’s see what day two of her testimony brings.

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