America First Must End Ukraine Funding

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I was on board at first. What happened to Ukraine was horrible. I wanted to help, and America did. No way they could have done what they have done without our help. Ukrainians inspired the whole world, but it is time for Europe to step up and do more. America has experienced mission creep once again; we can’t seem to not fall for it. First, our politicians sent hundreds of millions of dollars to help Ukraine. Then, these warmongers sent Ukraine a billion dollars. Now, they are going to send forty-billions dollars! It is time to hit the brakes on all of this. We need an accounting of where all the money we sent landed. We need to find out where it all went and what did it accomplish before we spend another dime.

The American endless war types have found themselves another war not too long after we ended twenty years of this. This time they are having fun with a proxy war against Russia. We have American politicians running around saying out loud and in public that “we” are at war. We must stop this path that we are on. Congress is taking our hard-earned taxpayer money and just throwing it at one of the most corrupt governments in all of Europe, Ukraine. The reason why they were not allowed to join NATO in the past is because of the thundering corruption that existed there. These are the people that gave Hunter Biden all that money. Now, we are just showering them with endless money with zero accountability., this is insane.

Our government cares more about Ukraine’s border than they do with our southern border. Joe Biden, the worst president in history, cares nothing about our southern border that is already been invaded by over two million illegal aliens since he took office. Biden refuses to even go to the border and see any of it. Not only does Biden not care, but he is also putting them on buses and planes and sprinkling them all over the country. Joe is dropping these people off in the middle of the night and just dumping them into our communities. This is presidency is a nightmare of epic portion. Now Biden is playing around with a proxy war with the second biggest nuclear power in the entire world.

Only MAGA with America First policies can stop all of this. We must vote every single Democrat and Republican that is a part of this out of office in November. We need to impeach Biden for dereliction of duty at our southern border. Joe’s failure to defend our border is criminal. We cannot sit back and give all this money towards war while American mothers are frantic because we cannot provide baby formula for their children. These people are giving truckloads of baby formula to the illegal aliens crossing the border while doing nothing to stopgap domestic production for our babies. They are America’s last, we need MAGA now.

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