Why Johnny Depp Did This Trial

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I kept asking myself why on Earth would Johnny Depp put his dirty laundry out like this. It just did not make any sense to me. Why show the world the worst part of you while your life is being ravaged by drugs and booze? I could not see the upside. No matter how this trial ends, this does not look good for Depp. So why? Well, I have been following closely the trial as it unfolds, Johnny and I went to the same high school. I think I know the answer.

Now, this is my opinion, but I think Johnny would rather the world see the worse of him. I think the cost of that does not matter to him because the one thing the man will not abide by is being called a wife-beater. I am sure during Johnny’s life he has been called all sorts of things, some deserved, some not. However, he just will not accept being seen as a wife beater. That is where Depp draws the line. That is the hill he will die on.

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