Johnny Depp Made Huge Mistake With Trial

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I have no idea why Johnny Depp thought it was a good idea to air his dirty laundry. This trial is gonna be the end of him. This was a catastrophic error that will be hard to overcome. The man is a mess, and he is coming across as a manic narcist. Depp is coming across, in my view, as a horrible human being. Why he thought he should reveal his dark truths for the world to see is unfathomable. Johnny Depp and I went to the same high school, and we had pride that one of our own rose to such heights. Now the folks of Miramar High School in Miramar, Florida are full of shock. I wrote a book about this school and town. Depp was our sense of pride, and now we stand in an ocean of shame that he was one of us.

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