Amber Heard Or Amber Turd

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It is amazing watching people’s reactions to the Johnny Depp/Amber Heard trial. I can’t find anyone in my life who supports Amber Heard. In fact, they tell me that they call her Amber Turd. There is something so unlikeable about this woman that nobody seems to be on her side. I have followed the trial and at first, I thought Johnny was the one in the wrong here, but as time went by I changed my mind. This woman does not seem to be a good person in my opinion. There is something even evil about her. Amber seems so calculating that I wonder if she ever spends time in the place of her authentic self.

Heard must have one hell of a vagina. Maybe flames shoot out of it along with gold dust? Something must be going on there because it attracts the most famous people on Earth. Only the uber-famous get into her panties. She must have the spell over the rich and famous or something because this woman does not date dishwashers. No insult to dishwashers, but this lady is passed around by the rich. I do not know if Depp wins this trial, but if the jury reflects the rest of society, Amber is going down. Now, she does not have fifty million dollars, but Johnny could get a piece of her earnings for the rest of her life. My personal feeling is there is no way Johnny Depp put his hands on her. It is my opinion Amber was the one dealing out the abuse.

I cannot see how any man or woman for that matter, I guess she is bi-sexual, would ever want to date her. If she gets mad at you, she could be secretly recording you through video and audio. To say Amber Heard is a moody broad is to state the obvious. I don’t think she has a moment of peace within her own reality. Johnny Depp is no angel but Amber Heard has some serious issues. Even my daughter’s teenage friends dislike Amber Heard. On the internet there is all pro-memes for Johnny and lots of clever mean memes for Amber. I truly cannot find any support of Amber Heard. I am sure there are people out there that believe her, but not in my life, not anyone I know.

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