Who Is C. Rich Of America Speaks Ink?

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Throughout my lifetime the term conservative has changed its meaning just as many times as blacks, who now call themselves African American, who once called themselves colored in my lifetime. So, what is a conservative? Do I fit that label anymore or what does that even mean? Did I ever fit it?

Do I fit in some box or conform to any particular label? What am I? Who am I politically? Where is my political home? Do I even have a home politically? Well, let us figure this out. I am furiously pro-life and consider abortion evil and used by American women as some form of birth control. I know that rape and incest only constitute less than one percent of these killings.

I supported pro-gay rights including marriage and adoption, but think this Trans-Thing is beyond nuts when it comes to sports. I consider all religions to be a lie and a crutch, but I believe in Ancient Astronaut Theory. I believe in evolution, but do not extend that to fully explain human beings. DNA has already proven that even the closest creature before Homosapien, could never have been related to us genetically. However, I don’t understand why people ignore that. I am pro-gun-rights and believe if more people had guns, we would have less crime. I don’t hunt, but love hunters and the great taste of all the animals they kill. I don’t believe animals have rights like human beings.

I enjoy pornographic material and think drugs should be legal. I believe the war on drugs and poverty is a failure and nonsense anyway. I am strong on defense but wanted all those endless wars to end. I believe we give the war machine too much money! I once believed in an unfettered free market, but now see the pyramid scheme that is produced.

I believe that both Ronald Reagan and Bill Clinton were good presidents. I’m for a single-payer Medicare for all. I believe in Universal Basic Income (UBI) that is funded by taxing the tech companies that became the enemy to all the people I know. I believe in STRONG borders. I believe Trump was a good president. I believe Trump was a bad president.

I believe in small government and sticking to a strict constitutional government, which also embraces a societal safety net. I hate when people say, look at Social Security and Medicare, they are a failure because they are broke. Never of course mentioning all the politicians that spent the money and made those programs broke. If we would have taken the left-wing safety net and funded it in a conservative fiscal way, these programs would be fine.

I believe Wall Street is the death of us all and I believe the “Too Big to Fail Theory” is a lie. Let them fail and I don’t care how hard it would be for us. Since when we let the government bailout so many businesses, just so we don’t have to go through a rough patch. We could have crawled out of all that in 2008-2009 a free people, instead of this Big-Brother-out-of-control thing we have now. I believe those Bankters of The Great Recession should be imprisoned.

I could never be a Democrat, I’m a white male and considered evil in that party, but I find it harder and harder to support Republicans. I yearn for more choices. I want more than a third party; I want five or six. I believe in the death penalty, and I think America has way too many people locked up. I think all nonviolent and drug war offenders should be freed and sent back to their community to pay for their crimes outside of prison.

Well, as you can see, this is quite a list of conservative values, or is it? Is it Populist? Am I a leftist or right-wing? So, I ask you. What am I politically? C. Rich has been blogging since 2008. Who is C. Rich of America Speaks Ink? Do I fit in your box? I cannot possibly be alone. Are there others like me? Who are the over half-million people who have found me on the internet?

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