Trump’s Whisper Campaign Against DeSantis

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Axios has been reporting that Trump has been talking trash about DeSantis behind his back privately to others. Now the whisper campaign is not a whisper anymore with Trump’s attack dog Rodger Stone going public with insults about DeSantis. This is so upsetting to those of us who are America First folks.

I do not know why anyone would even get close to Donald Trump he will turn on you in a New York minute. Just look what he did to Mike Pence. Looks like Trump wants to run again, and Ron might be in his way. Trump can’t stand other people having the spotlight shine on them. These Baby Boomers just will not go away.

Ron has done such a great job running Florida. I am so grateful he was governor when the virus hit. I could not imagine living under one of these lockdown Democrat dictators. DeSantis has run Florida using America First policies and it has worked. This kind of governance worked for the country under Trump, and they have worked for Ron with Florida.

Just when the left is falling apart, Trump starts a major riff on the right. It is beyond stupid to do something like that. Ron is the clear heir apparent to America First and it is time these damn Boomers pass the torch to the next generation. Holding on to power until their very last breath, the Boomers are the most destructive generation in the history of mankind.

DeSantis is America First without the crazy. Ron is America First with a brain. Rodger Stone should go back to letting other men bang his wife, at least that has been reported, and leave Ron DeSantis alone. If Ron ran for president, he would win forty states. Trump will only enrage the left like Clinton enrages the right and will lose again. It is time to move on from Trump Lindsey Graham, stop promoting him.

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