T. J. Watt Should Not Have To Share Record With Michael Strahan

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T.J. Watt should not have to share the single regular-season sack record with Michael Strahan. Despite what Brett Favre says, those of us old enough to have witnessed Strahan make that sack knows Brett gave it to him. The damn thing is on film, Favre knew what it meant for Michael, and he went down to give the record to him. Brett will never admit it because he is a good guy.

We however are not going for that “don’t believe your lying eyes routine” in a million years. My point is this. Strahan has been able to hold on to that fraud for decades. T.J. actually earned it, and nobody gave it to him. It is an unforgivable scandal that T.J. must share the title and that record with a clear fraud. I like Michael Strahan, but enough is enough with this lie.

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