RIP Anne Rice

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So much was going on around the holidays with the virus and everything. I did not find out until weeks later that one of my favorite authors died. I took two lists of books and read them all. One list was Reader’s Digest’s top ten books of all time. To make the list the book had to last over the test of time and something that still is being read hundreds of years later.

The second list was every book that won the Pulitzer Prize for Literature going back to the first one. The two lists made me think. I pondered whether there was someone alive in my life that would last the test of time. Who would people still be reading five hundred years from now? I put a lot of thought into that I came up with two names that I believe would make through Father Time. James Clavell and Anne Rice I believe will last the test of time. Now we have lost both and that made me sad.

The thesis Anne put out in the book Memnoch the Devil about God alone will stand the test of time. In the book, Anne lays out this theory that God was alone in the universe, and he was lonely, he wanted someone to talk to. So, God created matter to see if it would evolve into a God like him, so he could have someone to talk to. Anne was an incredible writer and had such an amazing imagination.

The Witching Hour and its trilogy with Lasher and Taltos is my favorite thing Rice wrote. The story of The Mayfair Witches is flat-out unforgettable. In honor of Anne’s passing, I will go back and read all three once again. I loved Anne Rice and I do not think anyone was better. I am going to miss her so much. I wonder if any unpublished works will come to us one day. Now that would be so special.

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