Let’s Talk About What Is Good Pizza

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Good pizza pie is somewhat of a religion to me now. I deplore, with all my Irish pores, any chain pizza after what I have learned. These corporate chains that place their pie on a conveyor belt and think they have a pizza pop out the other end of their machines are an abomination to all things holy and cheesy. I spent a good portion of my life working for an Italian food distributor on the east coast of America. We specialized in Italian and Greek food primarily. During that part of my life, I learned which restaurants on the East Coast were worth a damn and who cut corners trying to save money ordering inferior products to make an extra buck.

The greatest and most foolproof way to decide whether you want to eat pizza at any given place is very simple in my opinion. Just ask the owner whether he uses “Grande” Mozzarella. If the answer is no, get in your car and drive away. Drive away from that place because now you know that, for the restaurateur, profits and the bottom line are more important to him than the quality of his pizza and the other food he serves.

You see, Grande Mozzarella is hands down the best mozzarella cheese one can buy and that has not changed over the decades. Every pizzeria knows this and if they do not, then they have no business being in the industry. You, the reader, don’t know this and they count on it, after this blog, you will forever be in the loop. Grande cheese is like silk and the beautiful oils that flow off each slice of pie are nothing less than the nectar of the gods. The way Grande comes back on a reheat the next day when you pull it out of the refrigerator is nothing less than magic. The cheese stretches and it does not burn. That is why it is so expensive. That is why every cheese company has tried to come up with a stick of cheese to compete against Grande over the years and has failed.

Now, this mozzarella is not cheap to buy for the owner of that pizzeria or restaurant. A typical restaurant or pizzeria will lose around four hundred dollars a week just to provide their customers with the highest quality. Many other kinds of mozzarella cost much less. You need to respect any restaurant that will sacrifice sixteen hundred dollars of real profit a month just to provide you with the best ingredients. The best pizza must have Stanislaus tomatoes, All Trump Flour, and Grande mozzarella, anyone who tells you anything different does not know what they are talking about. That is true New York Style Pizza, full stop.

I called up a local mom and pop in Florida recently for New York Style Pizza and I told them that this was the first time that I had ever ordered anything from them. I wanted them to know that I was a brand-new customer and was trying their food for the first time. I ordered a 16″ pie and a spinach calzone. The minute it got here, and I opened the box, I knew we were in for some good pie. All I must do is look at a pizza and see how the oils are flowing along the surface to know whether it was Grande Cheese, it is like a perfect song, it just sings. My wife took a bite and lit up like an x-mas tree and said, “This is good.”

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