I Was Wrong About Antonio Brown

In Columns

I publicly called for Antonio Brown not to be fired after the whole debacle with the virus passport card. Outwardly musing that we need to keep the man for another Super Bowl run. However, it seems that Antonio Brown did not care as much about all that as I did. I feel bad that this is the axiom here. I saw the video of him after his meltdown while he was driving to the airport, and I did not see care in the world in his eyes. I have learned in life that you cannot want something more than the other person for them. It never works out that way, and I wanted another Super Bowl run more than Antonio Brown. Tom Brady of course handled the whole situation with class. Tom reminded us of compassion for people who struggle with mental health. He did not say those words, but that is what I am sure he meant. I wish I could meet the bar Brady puts out there for all of us, but I can’t. I’m mad at the guy and I hope no other team will give this man yet another chance. Antonio Brown’s career should be over.

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