America First Needs Ron DeSantis Not Trump

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In a perfect world, the man that built the America First Movement would pass the torch to a younger generation. Donald Trump said it himself when asked about whether Rudy Giuliani was needed to bring back New York City to its glory days. Donald said NYC needed a younger version of Rudy. Trump said Giuliani was too old. Well, I agreed with the former president, Rudy is too old, and so is Donald Trump. I am sick and tired of these Baby Boomers who will not let go of power until there is no more breath left in their lungs. When asked, Trump said something like, as long as there is no bad phone call from a doctor, he’d consider running. Well, we can do better than that, we can do better than some old man sitting around waiting on a phone call from a doctor.

I apperceive the fact that it was Donald Trump that created the America First Movement. However, if Trump wants this movement to last well beyond his lifetime, he needs to pass the torch. I also recognize that this particular billionaire and his aggrieved ego will not step aside. As the author of Polyseismic – The Rise of Donald Trump in the 2016 Presidential Election Cycle, I appreciated Donald Trump’s new vision for America. The policies worked and the Democrat’s policies do not. So, we need to move forward with what Trump started, but we must have a new leader to do it. That leader is obviously Ron DeSantis. Ron has run Florida with America First policies and it has worked. With Ron, we get America First and not the MAGA craziness. There is a distinction there between America First and MAGA. DeSantis is America First without the red hats.

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